ALUMINUM 2024 Fasteners

Good combination of strength, corrosion resistance, light weight and economy. Optimum properties when heat-treated. Widely used in aircraft.

ASTM B221 Alloy 2024 -T4; B211 Alloy 2024-T4. 93% aluminum, 4% copper.

Aluminum 2024 Material Overview 

Aluminum 2024 has an optimal surface finish quality and perfect for machinability. Aluminum 2024 is also a high strength material and has been used in aircrafts. It also is a medium grade for workability.

Aluminum 2024 Fastener Uses:

  • Aircraft fittings
  • Gears and shafts
  • Bolts and other fasteners
  • Clock parts
  • Computer parts
  • Couplings
  • Military applications such as missile parts
  • Pistons
  • Fastening devices
  • Structural design

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