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Bulk Wood Screws

Wood Screws

Wood screws provide the proper structure, thread size, and head shape for all types of wood including plywood, lumber, and specialized woods. Depending on your project’s exact specifications, bulk wood screws are available in a wide range of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and steel. Finishes include chrome, nickel and zinc. Wood screws are ideal for both standard and custom designed projects.

Fastener Solutions wholesale wood screws are manufactured from the finest materials in the industry and are available in a broad range of sizes and material options. Whether you are building a wood deck, hanging drywall, or a myriad of other jobs that require wood, Fastener Solutions’ bulk wood deck screws provide the quality and reliability you deserve.

For more information on our bulk wood screw option, get in touch with our sales team or call us at 866-463-2910 and we will gladly discuss your project needs. Fastener Solutions is your trusted wholesale bulk wood screw provider.


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Wood Screw Advantages

Wood screws provide exclusive benefits that cannot be replicated by other types of fastener products. When used properly, wood screws create a clamping force that increases joint strength. When compared to nails, wood screws provide several beneficial qualities including:

  • Increased holding power
  • Enhanced grip
  • Easily removed
  • Better control
  • Aesthetic qualities
  • Numerous head options

Wood Screw Material Options

Fastener Solutions offers wholesale wood screws in a wide range of materials, sizes, and styling options. We can provide the wood screw you need, whether that be 3-inch or long wood screws in bulk, in standard or wholesale bulk quantities, allowing you to have the precise quantity of screws you need. Our material options include the following:

  • Stainless steel wood screws
  • Aluminum wood screws
  • Brass wood screws
  • Steel wood screws
  • Chrome plated wood screws
  • Nickel plated wood screws
  • Zinc plated wood screws

Deck Screws vs Wood Screws

There are subtle qualities that differentiate bulk deck screws from wood screws. Since the terminology is often intermixed the two types of fasteners are often regarded as the same. Even though both types of fasteners have flat heads, deck screw heads maintain a greater surface area, which gives them more load bearing capacity. Unlike deck screws, wood screw threading is sharp but not tapered. The shank and tip on a deck screw are also a bit more aggressive, allowing for increased longevity.

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