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BABA(A) Bolts

BABA(A) Fasteners are manufactured to comply with the Build America Buy America Act (BABAA). This Act mandates that all fastening products utilized in federally-funded infrastructure projects be made from materials sourced within the United States. At Fastener Solutions, we supply industrial, commercial, and municipal customers with BABA bolts, nuts, and other structural fasteners that meet the Build America Buy America Act requirements.

Benefits of BABA Fasteners

Because BABA(A) fasteners follow strict regulations during manufacturing, they offer superior reliability and performance for demanding applications. Federal projects and structural construction applications can rely on these fasteners to meet the standards for their project needs. BABA fasteners also help construction projects contribute to the American economy by supporting domestic steel industries. Benefits of using BABA fasteners at a glance include:

  • Consistent, Reliable Quality
  • Compliance with Federal Standards
  • Superior Durability & Enhanced Safety
  • Domestic Economic Support


For large scale orders, request a quote to receive our best pricing available for your custom order.

Get BABA Fasteners in the Styles & Materials You Need

At Fastener Solutions, we supply premium Build America Buy America Act fasteners for heavy-duty and structural applications. Our BABA fasteners are available in various styles and materials, ensuring you get the best fasteners for your application's requirements.

BABA Bolts, Nuts, & More Style Options

BABA fasteners come in a wide variety of fastener styles to suit different needs, including hex bolts, nuts, washers, screws, and threaded rods. Whatever style of BABA fasteners your project requires, Fastener Solutions has you covered.

Material Options for BABA Fasteners

BABA Bolts are available in various material options that comply with the BABAA Act, including steel, stainless steel, and certain alloys.

Why Choose Fastener Solutions to be Your BABA Fasteners Supplier?

As a leading distributor of high-quality fasteners, Fastener Solutions is trusted by industrial customers nationwide to supply BABA(A) bolts for domestic government and commercial projects. When you get your BABA fasteners from Fastener Solutions, you can count on:

Order Fasteners that Meet Build America Buy America Act (BABAA) Requirements

Contact us to learn how Fastener Solutions can be your one-stop supplier for high-performance BABA(A) fasteners. For pricing information on your order, request a quote online. Fastener Solutions is your source for BABA bolts and other premium-quality fastening resources.

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