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Black Oxide Finish

Black Oxide Spring Pin

Black oxide finish coatings are designed to provide an enhanced visual appeal and an extra layer of corrosion protection for all types of fasteners including screws, bolts, nuts, and more. The black oxide fastener finish’s visually pleasing surface appearance allows it to be used for a wide range of applications that require both corrosion protection and enhanced aesthetic value.

Fastener Solutions is your trusted source for high quality black oxide finished fastener products. Our thermal black oxide fasteners are ideal for applications that require enhanced protection against corrosion and harmful debris. For more information regarding our black oxide fastener finish options, get in touch with our sales team or request a quote today.

For large scale orders, request a quote to receive our best pricing available for your custom order.

Black Oxide Fastener Options

Fastener Solutions offers black oxide-coated fastener options for numerous applications. Our blackened fastener finish will protect your fastener products from corrosion and extreme elements, while adding a classic look and feel that will be appreciated for years to come. Black oxide-coated fastener options include:

We are also able to provide a black oxide thermal finish to all other types of fastener products including bolts, nuts, screws, and more.

Black Oxide Treated Material Options

At Fastener Solutions, we provide black oxide finish treatments to fasteners manufactured in all types of materials. Our black oxide nuts and bolts, and screws provide enhanced protection for all types of metals including:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Zinc
  • Exotic alloys

Advantages of Black Oxide Coating

Thermal black oxide treatments provide significant benefits over other types of treatment options. Black oxide coatings are designed to protect the fastener substrate material while providing a non-sleek decorative finish for all types of applications. Additional benefits that black oxide coating bolts provide include:

  • Does not significantly change the dimensions of the fastener
  • Less expensive than alternative methods
  • Large run capabilities
  • Oil finish reduces the risk of galling
  • Decorative finish
  • Adds a layer of mild corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • Paint will stick to the black oxide finish if required

Black Oxide Thermal Coating Processes & Applications

Black oxide thermal finishes are considered a conversion coating, which replicates the surface finish of the part. Before the thermal black oxide finish is applied, a top layer of oil is applied to enhance corrosion resistance. The black oxide is then applied through either a hot or cold process.

Hot Process

The thermal black oxide hot process utilizes different types of chemicals to convert the surface materials into magnetite. The black oxide coating bolts and nuts are dipped into different chemicals, followed by water. An extra layer of oil is then applied to provide further corrosion-resistant properties.

Cold Process

The cold coating process does not require the use of as many chemicals at heated temperatures, making it faster, but with less corrosion protection benefits than the hot process. Oil or wax can be applied post-cold coating treatment to provide improved corrosion properties.


Black oxide thermal coatings are utilized for fasteners in a wide range of industries. Some of which include:

  • Automotive
  • Electrical
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Tools

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For more information regarding our thermal black oxide fastener coatings, get in touch with our sales team or request a quote for direct pricing information today. Fastener Solutions is your trusted source for high-quality thermal black oxide stainless steel bolts and fasteners for your fastener needs.

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