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Stainless Steel Nord-Lock™ Washers

Fastener Solutions is a proud distributor of stainless steel Nord-Lock washers. Nord-Lock’s wedge-locking stainless washers feature a design that uses tension to secure bolted joints rather than friction, increasing operational reliability while reducing production risks. Nord-Lock’s wedge-locking technology fastens bolted joints, even when exposed to severe vibration and dynamic loads. Because of the wedge created underneath the bolt head and nut, Nord-Lock washers stay tight and secure. Nord-Lock stainless steel lock washers are corrosion-resistant, providing a secure fastening solution for harsh applications.

Fastener Solutions is Your Trusted Nord-Lock Distributor

Not sure which Nord-Lock washers you need for your application? Contact Fastener Solutions, and our team will gladly assist you in selecting the best Nord-Lock lock washers for your job. Fastener Solutions is your source for premium fastening products.

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Stainless Steel Nord-Lock Lock Washer Advantages

The Nord-Lock washer system comprises a pair of washers featuring cams on one side and radial teeth on the opposite side. By ensuring a consistent preload on the bolted joint, Nord-Lock washers can help to improve the performance of the joint, and extend the life of the components. Nord-Lock washers achieve accurate preload with defined and uniform friction. The locking function of Nord-Lock washers is not affected by lubrication. Upon delivery, Nord-Lock washers are pre-glued in pairs to facilitate first-time mounting. Additional advantages of these premium washers include:

  • Resistance to corrosion: Nord-Lock stainless steel washers are corrosion-resistant, even in harsh environments, making them ideal for use in marine, offshore, and other corrosive applications
  • Easy-to-assemble: Nord-Lock washers can be installed quickly and easily using standard tools
  • Wedge-locking technology: Nord-Lock washers are designed to prevent spontaneous bolt loosening, increasing safety in applications where the joint is subjected to vibration, shock or dynamic loads
  • Low maintenance: Once installed, Nord-Lock washers require little to no maintenance, which helps to reduce maintenance costs and downtime

Applications for Stainless Steel Nord-Lock Washers

Nord-Lock stainless steel lock washers are designed for a wide range of applications, offering secure fastening strength and weight distribution for industrial uses. These premium lock washers can be used in tapped holes, counterbores, through holes, stud bolts, and more in various substrate materials. Because stainless steel carries a high resistance to corrosive elements, Nord-Lock stainless washers can be used in harsh environments and non-chlorine corrosive applications.

SS Nord-Lock Washer Sizing & Specs

  • Metric size range: M3 – M80
  • Standard size range: #5 – 3 1/8”
  • Surface-hardened
  • Corrosion Resistance Grade: PREN 27
  • Bolt Grades: Up to ASTM F593
  • Temperature Range: -256F to 932F
  • Rockwell Hardness: ≥520 HV0.05

Neutral Salt Spray Testing & Certification

Nord-Lock steel washers have been extensively tested, undergoing a minimum of 1,000 hours in the Neutral Salt Spray Test (NSST according to ISO 9227). This testing ensures optimum performance over time, even in extreme and corrosive environments. Nord-Lock offers the highest corrosion-resistant lock washers on the market.

Get Nord-Lock Stainless Steel Washers that Meet The American Iron and Steel Provision Requirements

The American Iron and Steel Provision mandates that the fastening products used in the construction, alteration, maintenance, and repair of public water systems meet strict specifications. At Fastener Solutions, we distribute American-made AIS-compliant fasteners manufactured to meet The American Iron and Steel Provision requirements. From nuts and bolts to anchors and screws, our AIS-compliant fasteners are available for bulk ordering at competitive prices. If you have DWSRF/CWSRF projects or other applications that require AIS-compliant fasteners, Fastener Solutions has you covered.

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Contact us to learn more about Nord-Lock’s premium stainless lock washers. You can also request a quote for additional pricing information on bulk and special orders. Fastener Solutions is your trusted source for Nord-Lock SS lock washers.

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