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Fastener Washers

Fastener washers are commonly used to distribute load in a threaded fastener joint, act as a spacer, reduce vibration, or act as a protective barrier. Our durable, high quality fastener washers are designed to fit under the head of a fastener to increase the hold or bearing surface.

Fastener Solutions offers a variety of fastener washers that are available in a wide selection of shapes, sizes, styles, grades, and plating. We will work with you to choose the most effective and durable product for your application. View our full washer and bolt product listing below, or contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff for more information 866-463-2910.

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Material Options for Fastener Washers

All Fastener Solutions wholesale washers are available in a wide range of material options, including an assortment of exotic metals that have many different types of unique properties. If you cannot find the type of metal you are looking for or have specific questions regarding our exotic metals, contact us or call us directly at 866-463-2910.

Flat Washers

Flat round washers are flat and smooth and are primarily used with bolts and nuts to provide a larger bearing surface, which distributes the load evenly over the surface area, so it isn’t damaged. They are also used to ensure that the nut is pressed against a smooth surface, which reduces the chance that it will gradually loosen.

Monel Flat Washers

Monel flat washers are made from a nickel-copper alloy and exhibit high strength, toughness and good corrosion resistance over a wide temperature range. An outstanding characteristic of exotic metal Monel washers is that they offer exceptional resistance to hydrofluoric acid in all concentrations up to the boiling point. For hydrofluoric acid applications, Monel washers are perhaps the most resistant of all commonly used specialty alloys.

Lock Washers

Wholesale lock washers are designed to reduce joint loosening in applications where vibration is a factor. External tooth lock washers have teeth that extend outward so that they can easily bite into the bearing surface. This is a very useful feature for applications in which the bolt should never loosen. Internal tooth lock washers are commonly used to firmly secure the screw and nut connection and prevent it from loosening over time.

Square Washers

Square washers (or square beveled washers) are similar in function to standard a washer but with four flat sides. The flat sides allow the washer to fit in restricted spaces and help prevent unwanted rotation. Square washers are commonly used in applications involving an I-beam, as they can be easily attached through the flanges.

Nylon Washers

Nylon washers can be formed into the same shapes and sizes as metal washers. However, due to their construction, nylon split washers can be used for applications where metal cannot, such as food processing and numerous chemical industries.

Split Lock Washers

Split lock washers are coiled, hardened, split, circular washers with a slightly trapezoidal wire section. They are mainly used to prevent other fasteners from loosening or slipping.

Malleable Washers

Malleable washers contain an oversized bearing surface and designed to prevent bolt heads and nuts from pulling into the wood. They are commonly used in dock and wood construction and available either plain or with a zinc or galvanized finish.

We also carry several other types of wholesale fastener washers including: structural, round plate, countersunk, and shear plate washers.

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