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Electronic Hardware

Electronic hardware products are manufactured in a wide range of styles to suit your project’s exact specifications. Whether you are looking for panel screws, standoffs, spacers, or any other type of electronic hardware fastener, we have you covered.

As a direct electronic hardware manufacturer, supplier, and distributor, Fastener Solutions offers the most sophisticated electronic hardware options in the industry. Whether your project requires Fascomp Electronic Hardware or standard and metric product options, we have the products that you need in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

Contact us for more information regarding our electronic hardware product options, including Fascomp Electronic Hardware products or call us at 866-463-2910 and we will gladly answer your specific questions. Fastener Solutions is your trusted manufacturer and supplier of premium electronic hardware products and fasteners.

Premium Electronic Hardware Fastener Options

At Fastener Solutions, we provide the electronic hardware fasteners you need at bulk prices that respect your bottom line. With a wide range of electronic hardware options, including Fascomp Electronic Hardware products, Fastener Solutions is your direct source for your electronic hardware needs.


If your project requires either a male, female, or a combination of a male and female standoff, Fastener Solutions has the instock products you need. Our standoffs are comprised of a hexagonal or cylindrical shaft with an internally threaded opening on each end into which connecting fasteners can be installed.

  • Female standoffs (standard and metric)
  • Male-female standoffs (standard and metric)
  • Male-Male standoffs (standard and metric)
  • Square female standoffs (standard and metric)
  • Swage standoffs (standard and metric)


Electronic hardware spacers are used in applications where space and tight tolerance requirements must be strictly adhered. Spacers allow fasteners to be fully tightened while maintaining the necessary spacing between components and are unthreaded, cylindrical, or hexagonal tube electronic hardware products that accept different types of fasteners.


Electronic hardware retainers provide an easy way to service an application when a threaded hole is not able to be manufactured. Standard and Fascomp electronic hardware retainers are simple to use and provide numerous advantages.


Whether your electronic project requires hex, thumb, captive, or shoulder screws, Fastener Solutions has the electronic hardware screws your project requires. We stock our electronic hardware screws in a range of materials and sizes. This way you have the electronic hardware screws you need when you need them.

  • Hex jackscrews
  • Thumbscrews
  • Captive screws
  • Shoulder screws


Fastener Solutions’ electronic hardware handles are offered in a variety of materials and shapes for your project needs. Our standard and Fascomp electronic hardware handles provide a grip and style that is second to none.

  • Ferrule Handle Fasteners

Chassis Fasteners

Chassis fasteners are designed to attach to the chassis of a computer and are fastened by swaging the part in place for a permanent attachment. With a unique mounting surface and thread, these fasteners run parallel to the mounted surface, while creating exclusive anchor points.

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Contact us for more information regarding our electronic hardware product options, including Fascomp Electronic Hardware products or if your project requires large quantities of electronic fasteners, Submit a Quick Quote for direct pricing information today. Fastener Solutions is your resource for advanced quality electronic hardware products.

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