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Short Arm Hex Key

Hex keys are handheld hexagonal wrenches used for tightening or loosening compatible fasteners and bolts. Also known as Allen wrenches, hex keys are bent at 90° angles, forming two arms. Short-arm hex keys have one long arm and one short arm. The short arm is helpful in hard-to-reach locations or for simple torque requirements. Short-arm hex key wrenches are standard in household and industrial practices and are available in many sizes.

Fastener Solutions offers hex keys in a variety of sizes to offer optimal leverage and reach for your various installations. Contact us today for assistance with short-arm hex keys.


For large scale orders, request a quote to receive our best pricing available for your custom order.

Short Arm Hex Key Wrench Options

Allen wrenches are very diverse. While they all have hexagonal head shapes, their sizes vary in width and length, appropriate for various applications across many industries and projects.

Metric & Standard Inch

Fastener Solutions offers hex key wrenches in both metric and standard inch sizes for all hex head bolt sizes and configurations. Metric sizes range from M0.7 to M32, while standard inch sizes range from 0.028” to 1 7/8”.

Short & Long Arms

In addition to short-arm hex keys, Fastener Solutions offers additional variations of hex wrenches, including long-arm hex keys. Long-arm hex keys provide greater torque from their longer vertical sides.

Hex Key Sets

While Fastener Solutions offers short-arm hex keys in bulk, hex key sets provide options for size ranges within a group. Key sets include quantities of:

  • 6 pieces
  • 8 pieces
  • 9 pieces
  • 13 pieces

Order Short Arm Hex Keys From Fastener Solutions Today

With an extensive range of hex keys, Fastener Solutions will provide the hex wrenches you need for your project. With fast turn-around time and competitive pricing, we are a top industrial supplier of Allen wrenches and industrial tools.

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