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Anchor Rods

Standard and custom straight anchor bolts are manufactured from a wide range of materials and are available with numerous head options including hex head, heavy hex head, and square head compositions. The headed end is embedded into concrete foundations to secure structural steel columns, light poles, bridge rail, and substation structures.

Fastener Solutions is your standard and custom provider of straight structural anchor bolt products in a wide variety of materials, plating, grades or classes, thread pitches, as well as customized pieces. Choose from our full inventory, or we will work with you to choose the most effective custom material for your application. We offer Penndot Bulletin 15 approved anchors.

 Contact us for more information regarding our straight and long anchor bolt options or call us at 866-463-2910 and we will gladly answer your specific questions. Fastener Solutions is your trusted source and wholesale supplier of heavy duty straight anchor bolts.


For large scale orders, request a quote to receive our best pricing available for your custom order.

Rod Brace Advantages

Rod Brace Detailed Diagram

Straight anchor bolts are manufactured with a forged head which provides heavy-duty pull-out resistance, allowing to them to be easily set. Straight anchor bolts provide enhanced strength and numerous other qualities depending on the material selected. Additional benefits associated with straight anchor bolts include:

  • Enhanced structural soundness when compared to a threaded rod with a nut.
  • More cost-effective than a threaded rod with a welded or peened nut.
  • Provides greater pull-out resistance than a 90° bent anchor bolt.
  • Takes up less space than the hook of a bent anchor bolt.

Wholesale Anchor Rod Material Options

Depending on your specific application needs, straight structural anchor bolts are available in several different types of materials. Fastener Solutions’ straight anchor bolts are available to serve your project’s exact needs. Fastener Solutions’ straight anchor bolt material options include:

  • Grade A36, F1554 grade 55 & 105, A449, A193, A325, A307
  • Plain & Hot dipped galvanized steel
  • 316 & 304 Stainless steel
  • Domestic / DFARS & import material

Anchor Rod Applications

Straight headed anchor bolts and rods provide structural support for a variety of heavy-duty applications. Some of the most common applications associated with metal hex head, heavy hex head, and square hex head straight anchor bolts include:

  • Structural columns
  • Bridge railings
  • Light poles
  • Sign structures
  • Heavy industrial equipment

Custom Anchor Rod Product Options

At Fastener Solutions, we provide a wide range of straight long anchor bolt product options, including custom, wholesale, and exotic metal products. We can match your fastener straight anchor bolt needs with a metal that is right based on your project’s specifications.

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Contact us for more information regarding our straight headed anchor bolt and rod options including metal hex head, heavy hex head, and square head bolts. Complete customization of your anchor bolt needs is also available. All our straight anchor bolts are available in a wide variety of material options, including exotic metals. You can also request a quote or call us directly at 866-463-2910 with any questions you may have.



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