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Chemical Anchor Bolts and Studs

Chemical anchoring is a method of using epoxy resin to anchor bolts and threaded studs to materials like concrete, brick, and masonry. Fastener Solutions’ chemical anchor studs and bolts are designed to be used with our glass, epoxy-filled Chem Capsules, providing an easy-to-use solution for creating an ultra-strong hold in materials that are challenging for traditional anchoring.


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Using Chemical Anchor Studs with Chem Capsules

Our Chem Capsules contain a high-quality, industrial-grade epoxy adhesive that fastens to the thread of a bolt or stud for a secure hold. After a hole is drilled into the surface of the mounting material, simply drop the Chem Capsule into the drilled hole. Once the capsule is in the hole, drive a chemical anchor bolt into the hole with a drill, breaking the glass Chem Capsule in the process. The broken capsule will release the epoxy resin, allowing the threads of the bolt to fuse with the adhesive.


Advantages of Chemical Anchoring

Chemical anchoring provides superior hold for anchoring bolts to surfaces where mechanical anchoring is often difficult. Advantages to anchoring with our Chem Capsules and epoxy resin anchor bolts include:

  • Chemical anchoring allows for reinforced adhesive anchoring in materials that are prone to cracking
  • Chem Capsules adhesive creates an extremely secure bond between the anchoring bolt and surface material
  • Chem Capsules make chemical anchoring simple, eliminating the need for additional specialty tools
  • The epoxy resin fills any cracks or irregularities in the drilled hole, ensuring a firm hold
  • Chem Capsules’ epoxy is non-expanding, ensuring a tight fit without adding stress to the base material


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To place an order for our Chem Capsules, request a quote today. For additional information, contact our knowledgeable sales staff, or call us at 866-463-2910

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