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Castle & Slotted Hex Nuts

Slotted Hex Nuts

Slotted hex nuts have opposing slots cut into the end of the opposite side of the bearing surface. Slots are used for the insertion of a safety wire or cotter pin, creating a secure hold that prevents loosening or unscrewing.

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Castle Hex Nuts vs. Slotted Hex Nuts

While they are similar, there is a difference between castellated nuts and slotted hex nuts, making them unique for different applications. Keep reading to learn the differences between castle nuts vs slotted nuts.

Castle Hex Nuts

Castellated hex nuts, or “castle nuts,” are created with a circular section at the top of the nut where the slots are formed. This circular section creates a small amount of surface area along the top of the nut, allowing a cotter pin to be wrapped around the fastener for a very compact and tight hold.

Slotted Hex Nuts

Unlike castle hex nuts, slotted hex nuts do not have a raised circular section for the slots. Rather, the slots are cut into the hex nut itself.

Types and Sizes of Slotted Nuts

Fastener Solutions carries a variety of slotted hex and castle hex nuts. Fastener Solutions offers a range of imperial sizes for our slotted hex nuts and castle nuts. Options include:

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