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Grinding Wheels

A grinding wheel is an abrasive cutting tool with thousands of different cutting points that are located throughout the surface area of the wheel. Each one of the grinding wheels hard tough grains chips away at the material that is being worked and cuts away tiny pieces from it, leaving an end piece that is sharper or increasingly defined from its original state. During grinding, the cutting points of the grinding wheel are worn over time; becoming increasingly blunt. At the same time, the increased friction causes a build-up of heat, which fractures the abrasive grain and exposes new cutting edges.

As your industry leading grinding wheel manufacturers, Fastener Solutions provides a wide range of grinding wheels to complete your abrasive grinding wheel jobs to their highest capabilities. We have multiple grinding wheel solutions to provide you with everything that you need to get your job done right the first time.

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How to Choose the Correct Type of Grinding Wheel?

Industrial Grinding Wheel

As a general rule of thumb when selecting which type of grinding wheel you will need for your next job, harder materials require a softer grade and a fine-grit grinding wheel. This is because hard materials resist the drilling of the abrasive grains into the surface, which dulls them quickly. The combination of a finer grit and a softer grade is ideal for hard materials since the grains will dull, break away and leave new, sharp cutting points. Conversely, when working on softer materials, wheels with a coarse grit and harder grade provide the best results.

Grinding Wheel Bond Types

Grinding wheels are differentiated by their specific bond types. Hard-grade bond is a bond that spans between each abrasive grain and provides an extremely strong hold, while soft-grade bonds maintain very little span, so a small force is required to cause the release of the grains. The bond that is used depends on the wheel operating speed, the precision required, grinding material and the grinding operation. Some of the different types of grinding wheel bonds, include:

  • Resinoid (Resin-Based)
  • Silicate (Silicate-Based)
  • Vitrified (Glass-Based)
  • Shellac (Shellac-Based)
  • Rubber (Natural or Synthetic)
  • Metal (Various Alloys)

Grinding Wheel Style Types

Depending on your specific needs, grinding wheels are available in various styles to suit your project specifications. Fastener Solutions offers a wide range of CoreTemp Abrasive grinding wheels that can be used for hard materials, soft materials and everything in-between. At Fastener Solutions, we are your premier grinding wheel manufacturers. We stock the following types of grinding wheels:

Edge Grinding Wheel (Edge Grinder)

These types of wheels are Hard bond designed for edge and bevel grinding and other applications where a harder wheel is preferred. They are manufactured from aluminum oxide grain and provide a longer life with fewer wheel changes.

Cutting Grinding Wheel

Grinding wheels that are designed for cutting and light grinding can be used on ferrous metals and low grade stainless steel. The .125” thickness is well-suited for root passes and edge work, while the 5/32” wheels are designed for light grinding.

SS Grinding Wheel (Stainless Steel)

Ultra stainless steel grinding wheels provide specialty grain, high-performance results, while providing a 50% faster grinding than standard aluminum oxide wheels. They also produce less operator fatigue and no discoloring of stainless steel.

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