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18.8 Stainless Steel – 300 Series

18.8 Stainless Steel

18.8 Stainless Steel is the most widely used austenite steel in the 300 series and is also known as the 304. 300 series stainless steel has approximately 18% chromium and 8% nickel. 18.8 stainless steel also offers a tensile strength range of 80-200,000 psi and good corrosion resistance. 18.8 stainless steel benefits from increased resistance to corrosion better than the 400 series. It can be hardened through the cold working process and is non-magnetic.

Additionally, the term “18.8” is used interchangeably to characterize fittings made of 302, 302HQ, 303, 304, 305, 384, XM7, and other variables of these grades with close chemical compositions.

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18.8 Stainless Steel Tensile Strength Product Options:

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Properties of 18.8 Stainless Steel

There is little difference in corrosion resistance among the 18-8 types, although slight differences in chemical composition do make certain grades more resistant than others to specific chemicals or atmospheres. 18.8 stainless steel has superior corrosion resistance, (compared to the 400 series stainless) is generally non-magnetic and is hardenable only by cold working.  Some of the other advanced properties that high strength 18.8 stainless steel bolts, screws, and more, include:

  • Non-magnetic
  • Cannot be hardened by hat treatment
  • Maximum carbon content maxes out at .08%
  • Contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel

18.8 Stainless Steel Alloy Grades

There are several types of alloys that are related to 18.8 stainless steel bolt strength. These alloys all exhibit their own advantages and are used for numerous types of unique applications. These 18.8 stainless steel exclusive alloys include:

  • 302: ASTM A276 Type 302; A167 Gr.2
  • XM7: 302HQ for cold heading screws
  • 303: ASTM A582 Type 303; A320 Gr. B8F; A194 Gr. 8F
  • 304: ASTM A193A Gr. B8; A320 Gr. B8; A194 Gr. 8

Applications of 18.8 Stainless Steel Bolts, Screws, & Nuts

18.8 stainless steel fasteners are regularly utilized in a wide range of industries where superior corrosion resistance is a must. Some of the applications that benefit from 18.8 stainless steel fasteners, include:

  • Chemical equipment
  • Food & drug equipment
  • Bearing plates
  • Heat exchanger tubes
  • Pumps and valves

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