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Sleeve Anchors

The sleeve anchor fasteners work by expanding against the material in which they are embedded. Sleeve anchors can be removed after installation. The length of the sleeve induces less stress on the substrate than a wedge anchor, providing a reliable and robust hold in concrete and brick surfaces.

Order Sleeve Anchors with Bulk Ordering Options

Are you looking for a distributor to supply your sleeve anchors and industrial fastening products? Fastener Solutions has you covered. We supply customers in a wide range of industrial sectors with reliable fasteners at competitive prices. Order the sleeve anchors and other supplies you need online and have them shipped right to your door. If you don't see the anchor you're looking for on our website, simply contact one of our helpful staff members at 866-463-2910.


For large scale orders, request a quote to receive our best pricing available for your custom order.

Sleeve Anchors at Fastener Solutions

At Fastener Solutions, our extensive inventory of sleeve anchors includes size, material, coating, and head style options, ensuring you get the right sleeve anchors for your application's requirements. With bulk ordering options and fast order turnaround, Fastener Solutions is your source for sleeve anchors.

Stainless Steel Sleeve Anchors & Other Material Options

We distribute steel sleeve anchors with zinc Cr+3 coating and stainless steel sleeve anchors. Steel sleeve anchors with zinc Cr+3 coating are ideal for general-use applications requiring minimal moisture exposure or corrosive conditions. 304 stainless steel sleeve anchors feature superior corrosion resistance for use in harsh environments.

Flat Head, Hex Head, & Other Sleeve Anchor Head Style Options

Our inventory of ready-to-ship sleeve anchors includes a wide range of heads, including:

  • Hex Nut Sleeve Anchors
  • Hex Head Sleeve Anchors (Stainless Steel)
  • Acorn Nut Sleeve Anchors
  • Flat Head Phillips Anchors
  • Flat Head Phillips Anchors (Stainless Steel)
  • Flat Slotted Anchors

Common Applications for Sleeve Anchors

Sleeve Anchors for Concrete Surfaces

Sleeve anchors are used widely in industrial and construction applications to provide reliable fastening in concrete surfaces. Sleeve anchors are suitable for light- to medium-duty anchoring jobs. For heavy-duty concrete anchoring, order our wedge anchors or drop-in anchors.

Sleeve Anchors for Brick & Masonry Surfaces

In addition to concrete, sleeve anchors are ideal for brick and masonry applications. Unlike wedge anchors, which cannot be used in brick, sleeve anchors feature a fastening mechanism that provides a robust anchoring solution without compromising the integrity of the brick substrate.

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Contact us to learn how we can supply all your industrial fasteners, including sleeve anchors. For pricing information on special orders, request a quote online. With fast order turnaround, expedited shipping options, quality testing services, and competitive pricing, Fastener Solutions is your one-stop source for all your fastener needs.