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Flange Bolts & Screws

Flange Screws


The Flange bolt or screw is identifiable by the ridge of the bolt head. The bolt’s circular flange under the head acts as a non-rotating washer to distribute the load. Flange bolts are manufactured to provide the same holding power as a standard washer, and come in both serrated and non-serrated options. Browse our selection of hex head serrated flange screws, indented hex flange screws, and non-serrated hex flange screws.

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Varieties of Hex Flange Head Screws & Bolts

  • Hex Head Serrated Flange Screw, Clear Zinc: offers good corrosion resistance with increased strength
  • Indented Hex Grade 8, Black Phosphate & Oil: provides rust resistance with slight corrosion resistance
  • Metric 10.9 Hex Non-Serrated Zinc Yellow: provides increased corrosion resistance and overall protection
  • Metric 10.9 Hex Non-Serrated Clear Zinc: offers good corrosion resistance with durable strength, without the serrated head

Serrated & Non-Serrated Flange Heads

Fastener Solutions offers serrated and non-serrated heads on our flange head screws, with various coating material options.

Serrated Flange Heads

Serrated head flange screws have grooves cut into the head of the screw, providing advantages in certain contexts. Serrations provide resistance when used with gaskets, helping create an ultra-tight seal and reducing the likelihood of leakage. The teeth of the serrated head also help to bite into the surface of the mounting material, improving resistance to vibrations.

Non-Serrated Flange Heads

Non-serrated flange heads are smooth and do not “bite” into the mounting surface as the serrated heads do. Non-serrated flange heads are versatile, providing significant weight distribution and strength for various applications.

Flange Bolt & Screw Sizes (Metrics & Inches)

Fastener Solutions offers a wide range of sizes for our wholesale flange bolts and screws, with various diameter, length, and thread options. We carry flange fasteners in both imperial and metric sizes.

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