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A rivet is a permanent fastener used for a wide range of industries and projects from wooden boat building to mechanical applications. No matter the size of the project, we can keep you supplied with metric blind rivets and more. If you require a specific industrial rivet, certain grade, metric class, or material that you don’t see on our website contact one our knowledgeable staff members or call us at 866-463-2910.

For large scale orders, request a quote to receive our best pricing available for your custom order.

Blind Rivet Material Options

All our different types of blind pop rivets are available in a wide range of material options, including an assortment of exotic metals that have many different types of unique properties. If you cannot find the type of metal you are looking for or have specific questions regarding our exotic metals, contact us or call us directly at 866-463-2910.

Blind Rivets

This type of rivet is specifically called a blind rivet because it can be installed without access to the back side of the item being riveted. Due to this feature, blind industrial rivets are mainly used when access to the joint is only available from one side. The blind pop rivet is placed in a pre-drilled hole and is set by pulling the mandrel head into the rivet body, which expands the blind rivet causing it to flare against the reverse side. 

Blind Rivet Installation Process

Blind rivets are installed through a tight hole that passes through the materials being riveted. A riveter is used to pull the mandrel back while holding the rivet in place. As the mandrel is pulled back it deforms the rivet pushing the sides outward until the mandrel snaps. This expanded size forms the back side of the rivet, which holds the materials together.

Blind Rivet Uses

There are numerous ways in which a blind pop rivet can be used. Unlike other types of rivets, blind industrial rivets can be used to fasten wooden or plastic materials other than metal. Blind rivets can fasten metals, wood, and plastic even if there is no access to the back part of the material. If the front part is accessible, the rivet can be set into place. More typical blind rivet uses, include:

  • Attaching name plates & signs
  • Building or home applications
  • Woodworking applications
  • Attaching hinges
  • Fastening wall or ceiling decorations
  • Attaching door knobs & handles
  • Industrial applications

Dome Head Blind Rivets

Domed head blind rivets are a specific type of blind rivet that features a neat, low-profile with a finished appearance. These types of industrial rivets are also non-removable. The domed blind rivet installation process is the same as regular blind rivets, but its domed-shaped head allows for a unique aesthetic appearance.

We offer a variety of domed rivets, including: 

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Contact us for more information regarding our blind rivet product options. We can also Completely customize your order to fit your blind rivet project requirement needs. All our blind rivets are available in a wide variety of material options, including exotic metals. You can also request a quote or call us directly at 866-463-2910 with any questions you may have.


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