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As a leading supplier of premium fastening products, Fastener Solutions provides customers in a wide range of industrial sectors with top-quality fasteners. From standard screws and bolts to specialty fasteners made from exotic materials, Fastener Solutions can provide you with the best products for your application's requirements.

Premium Fasteners for Manufacturing, Shipbuilding, Solar, & More Industries

Oil and Gas

Corrosion-resistant fasteners are essential in oil and gas industrial applications. These fasteners need to be able to withstand harsh operating conditions and exposure to chemicals. At Fastener Solutions, we supply high-performance fasteners manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials and finishes, providing a reliable, secure hold even in harsh environments. From stainless steel bolts to hot dip galvanized screws, we can get the best corrosion-resistant fasteners for any oil and gas application.


We supply fasteners engineered to meet the rigorous demands of valve applications. Whether you require standard or custom fasteners with specialized sizing and finishes, we can deliver solutions that meet and exceed your industry specifications.


Shipbuilding demands some of the highest quality and durability fastening standards of any industry. At Fastener Solutions, we supply a comprehensive range of fasteners made of duplex material specially designed for marine applications. These products are engineered to withstand corrosive marine environments, providing exceptional performance and reliability in shipbuilding projects.

Waste and Wastewater Treatment

We understand the critical role fasteners play in waste and wastewater treatment facilities. Our duplex fasteners are engineered to withstand the corrosive effects of harsh chemicals and environmental conditions. With fasteners manufactured from the right materials and finishes, you can count on reliable, high-performance fastening in waste management systems.


Fastener Solutions supplies high-quality fasteners tailored to the requirements of solar energy systems. We provide products designed to withstand environmental elements while ensuring secure, reliable assembly of solar panels and support structures.

Military and Defense

All equipment and components in military applications require strict quality standards and uncompromising performance. At Fastener Solutions, we supply customers in the military and defense industry with the highest quality fastening products available, including monel hardware and stainless steel fasteners engineered to meet the most stringent specifications. With our reliable military spec fasteners, you can trust your equipment will meet and exceed military standards.

Why Choose Fastener Solutions To Supply Your Industrial Fastening Products?

If you're looking for reliable fastening products tailored to your industry's requirements, Fastener Solutions has you covered. Our ready-to-ship inventory includes all styles of fasteners in premium materials, meaning you can get the best fasteners for your application as quickly as possible. With our commitment to affordability, you never have to sacrifice quality for budget.

We also offer personalized services, going the extra mile to understand your needs and recommend the optimal solutions. Our custom kitting and VMI services provide automatic bin-stocking and pre-packaging solutions for ultimate convenience. With warehouse locations nationwide, we guarantee fast and reliable delivery wherever you operate. Partner with Fastener Solutions and discover how unparalleled quality, competitive pricing, and exceptional service can benefit your business.

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Let the experts at Fastener Solutions supply you with fasteners that meet the specifications and performance standards your industry requires. Contact us or request a quote online for pricing estimates on your special orders. For all your industrial fastener needs, choose Fastener Solutions.