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Square Washers

Square finishing washers are designed to limit the stress on the contacting parts. They help reduce electrical current, noise, and vibration. Choose from a wide selection of beveled malleable square washers, beveled hardened square washers, and square plate washers.

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Malleable Square Washers

Malleable square washers are designed with an oversized bearing surface to prevent bolt heads and nuts from pulling into the material. They are commonly used in dock and wood construction and are available with a plain, zinc plated, or hot-dipped galvanized finish. Malleable square washer options include:

·         Plain, beveled

·         Zinc Cr+3, beveled

·         Hdg, beveled

Beveled Square Washers

Beveled or cupped spring washers are characterized by an uneven, angled design that assists in distributing the fastener load throughout the entirety of the washer. Beveled square washers increase the surface area of the fastener’s load, protecting the workpiece from damage. Beveled square washer options include:

·         Plain, malleable

·         Zinc Cr+3, malleable

·         Hdg, malleable

·         Plain, F436 hardened

·         Hdg, F436 hardened

Additional Square Washer Options

Fastener Solutions also carries a broad selection of the following wholesale square plate washers:

·         Plain, plate

·         Hdg, plate

Square Plate Washer Advantages

Fastener Solutions stocks a broad range of plate square washers, making it quick and easy to find the fasteners you need to complete your job as efficiently as possible. With a wide range of coating and material options, flat square washers provide several beneficial advantages for your application needs:

·         Oversized bearing surface

·         Prevents bolt heads and nuts from pulling into the wood

·         Several size & finish options

·         Ideal weight distribution

Bulk Square Washers

At Fastener Solutions, our standard and metric finished and unfinished flat square washers are available in bulk, wholesale quantities to support any size project. Let us know the bulk square washer quantity you need, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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