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Structural Washers

Flat Structural Washers

Structural washers are thick washers designed for use in heavy-duty applications, typically for steel-to-steel connections. A general term for heavy-duty washers, structural washers are typically applied to structural fasteners such as heavy-duty screws or bolts. Fastener Solutions offers a variety of structural washers of different materials and sizes. The F436 washers are available in various finishes for a range of applications.

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Features & Specifications of F436 Structural Washers

Structural F436 washers are hardened for use with other structural fasteners such as screws or bolts. Fastener Solutions offers structural washers with finishes ranging from galvanized to zinc to plains steel. These finishes allow the washers to be used in various applications across multiple industries. With a wide range of metric and standard sizes, structural washers can accompany virtually any size of fastener and their corresponding applications.

Benefits of Structural Washers

Structural washers are thicker than flat washers and, as such, offer more support to their fastener. Their composition increases their ability to prevent damage to both the fastener and the fastened material. Thick washer sizes can handle stronger and heavy-duty bolts and are beneficial in harsh applications.

When using structural screws and bolts, structural washers are the proper washers to accompany the fasteners and ensure maximum holding power. Structural washers are available in various finishes and sizes, making them highly versatile and appropriate for a variety of applications.

Fastener Solutions is Your Trusted Supplier of Various Washer Types

Fastener Solutions stocks a complete inventory of various washers to ensure you find what you need for your specific application. From structural washers to lock washers to flat washers, we provide different sizes, grades, and options for many industries. Our team of experts is prepared to assist you in determining the appropriate washers for your requirements.

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