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Plow Bolts

Primarily used in gang plows, road graders, snowplows, and similar heavy equipment, plow bolts enhance durability and reliability for your specific project needs. Heavy-duty machinery applications generally require either flat head or dome head plow bolts. Both types offer a countersunk head and square neck to prevent turning when the nut is tightened or removed.

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Plow Bolt Fastener Options

Need a specific material or size for your plow bolt application? Fastener Solutions stocks a broad range of plow bolt options to match your specifications. Whether you need dome head, flat head, clipped head, elliptical head, no. 3 head plow bolts, or plow bolts and nuts, we have a variety of plow bolt head types. Click on the product categories below to browse our plow bolt product options.

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Plow Bolt Applications

Plow bolts are generally used for functions that require a smooth application surface. Many different types of heavy equipment require plow bolts to function correctly. Heavy-duty equipment that requires plow bolts include:

·         Snowplows

·         Road graders

·         Tractors

·         Scoop Shovels

·         Bulldozers

·         Agricultural equipment

Dome Head Plow Bolt Advantages

Compared to standard flat head plow bolts, dome head plow bolts provide ease of assembly and increased resistance to failure. A domed head style is designed to be interchangeable in any application that uses a flat head style while delivering the following added benefits:

·         Increased wear resistance

·         Tighter fit in countersunk holes

·         Deeper depth provides fuller engagement

·         Greater installation spin resistance

·         Tighter body tolerances

Clipped Head & No. 3 Plow Bolts

Clipped head plow bolts are designed to be reduced at opposite sides with equal-sized sections removed, providing two flat sides. No. 3 plow bolts are engineered with a domed, countersunk head with a square neck that prevents rotation.

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Fastener Solutions features small, large, and standard size plow bolts in a wide variety of material options, including exotic metal options.

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