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Custom Kitting

Fastener packaging and kitting services allow your customers to receive the hardware fasteners they need to complete a specific project. This process allows for the packaging of only the necessary components and fasteners, without the inclusion of fasteners that do not fit the project’s overall requirements. The fastener kitting process saves time and money while providing a value-added service that your customers will appreciate.

By custom bagging fasteners, Fastener Solutions provides fastener kitting services that provide streamlined convenience and cost-saving capabilities that allow your customers to quickly purchase a fastener kit that is applicable to their project specifications. Contact us for more information on our fastener custom kitting services or call us at 866-463-2910 and we will be happy to answer any hardware kitting questions that you may have.

Fastener Hardware Kitting Advantages

Fastener Kitting services can provide many benefits to manufacturing companies looking to streamline their warehousing processes. Our warehouse kitting and package fulfillment services take the time-consuming and unproductive burden of part compilation off your company’s shoulders. Some of the direct benefits of our fastener kitting packaging solutions include:

Warehouse Kitting Conveyor

  • Increased storage
  • Packaging & Distribution
  • Faster assembly
  • Fewer shipping mistakes
  • Better packaging

Fastener Packaging Solutions for Your Customer’s Project Needs

At Fastener Solutions, we offer custom bolt kits, screw kits, and assorted fastener kits as well as assembly and package fulfillment services from design to distribution. Some of the areas of a business that can directly benefit from streamlining fastener kitting services include the areas described below.

Production Floor

Warehouse kitting services dramatically boost the productivity of a company’s production area. The fastener kitting process also reduces frustration and anxiety that can stem from trying to acquire the correct fasteners and parts that are required by a specific job.


Supply Chain

Hardware kitting services provide a streamlined approach to your customer’s supply chain management, which reduces the time and hassle of ordering and managing their parts inventory. Custom kitting solutions and bagging fasteners also alleviate the frustration of production delays due to an outage of a single fastener.  

Manufacturing Processes

The kitting machine equipment that is utilized within the kitting process allows for 99.99% accuracy, which equates to happy customers that will provide repeat business and good word-of-mouth advertising. Our fastener kitting machines consist of electronic counting eyes, automated poly baggers, automated poke-yoke scales, and more.

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Fastener Solutions is an industry leading company provider of fastener packaging and custom kitting services and solutions. Contact us for more information on the ways in which our fully customized hardware kitting services can benefit your customers. Or request a quote for further pricing details today.