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Industrial Abrasives


Industrial abrasive products are manufactured from materials that often contain natural minerals. They are used to shape or finish a workpiece through abrasion, which when applied to a workpiece leads to part of it being worn away by friction. Abrasives are used very extensively in a wide variety of industrial, domestic, and technological applications. Additionally, Abrasives may be classified as either natural or synthetic.

Fastener Solutions now provides a wide range of industrial abrasives, abrasive tools, and abrasive accessories to compliment our wide range of fastener products. Our premium quality industrial abrasive products and tool supplies are manufactured from the finest minerals and synthetic products in existence and will provide prolonged service for the user.

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Industrial Abrasive Toughness & Body Strength Characteristics

Toughness or body strength characteristics are significant to abrasive functionality. Natural abrasive particles generally sharpen themselves by the breakdown of their dull cutting or working edge, which exposes another cutting edge within the same particle. Synthetic abrasives can also achieve resurfacing through other means, including:

  • Varying grain shape during the crushing or sizing operation.
  • Implementing changes in the purity of the abrasive.
  • Alloying the abrasive.
  • Controlling the crystal structure within the grains.

Industrial Abrasive Bonding & Product Options

Abrasive tools and accessory products are manufactured by bonding an abrasive grain to a backing material using a make coat of resin.  A second coat (size coat) of resin, and sometimes even an additional coat (top size coat), is applied.  The purpose of the bonding material is to hold the abrasive grain particles together. Some of the different types of bonding, include:

  • Vitrified Bonds - Vitrified wheels have a glass bond composition. Vitrified wheels hold form extremely well and produce a high ratio of stock removal to wheel use. Vitrified wheels are commonly used for precision grinding in the tool and die market.
  • Porosity - Vitrified wheels can be manufactured with induced porosity. All vitrified bonds that end in P (VLP, V40P, VPP) indicate induced porosity. This porosity allows excellent coolant flow and chip clearance. For materials that load or for wide surface area contact, this provides a cooler cutting action, less loading and less chance of burn on the workpiece.
  • Resinoid Bonds - Resinoid, or organic compound, bonds are more shock resistant than vitrified bonds and are generally operated at higher peripheral speeds. Most resinoid bond wheels are used for fast stock removal in the metal fabrication and foundry markets.

Thin Cutting Wheels

Thin Cutting Wheel are recommended for cutting metal, steel mesh, stainless steel and aluminum. The CoreTemp Abrasives Thin Cutting Wheels have perfect grain to bond ratios resulting in it lasting up to 70% longer than competitors’ equivalent product.

Flap Discs

Flap Discs are best used for grinding, blending, and finishing in one simple operation which saves you time and money over using multiple grinding tools. CoreTemp Abrasives Flap Discs offers the largest range of metal removal to finishing, and contour finishing, and are available in blending and finishing and high density.

Chop Saw Wheels

Chop Saws are used to make a quick, accurate crosscut. They can be used to cut wood, certain plastics and light metals. CoreTemp Abrasives Chop Saws utilize cool cutting technology which increases wheel life whilst maximum cutting speed reduces heat and product discoloration.

Grinding Wheels

Grinding Wheels are both cutting and abrasive cutting tools that are ideal for grinding and precision cutting. CoreTemp’s Edge Grinder offers a longer life, resulting in fewer wheel changes. It also delivers 50% faster grinding than standard aluminum oxide wheels.

Stainless Steel Grinding Wheels

Stainless Grinding Wheels are often utilized on metal products. This can include hard alloys and softer mild steels. These abrasion products can be used for applications which require fast stock removal. CoreTemp Abrasives Ultra Stainless Grinding delivers 50% faster grinding, making it ideal for larger jobs.

Gas Saw Blades

Gas Saw Blades are most prevalent in the cutting of concrete floors, slabs, block stone, stone, brick and masonry. CoreTemp Abrasives Gas Saw Blades are manufactured to ensure fast cutting and longevity.

Flap Wheels

Flap Wheels are perfect for finishing, polishing, stock removal, blending, and cleaning where both aggressive sanding and fine sanding are required.

Cotton Fiber Abrasives

Cotton Fiber Products are used when light or medium metal removal or finishing is required. They differ from other applications since they can be used for both grinding and finishing. CoreTemp Abrasives Cotton Fiber Products deliver a longer life than standard deburring wheels.

Quick-Change Discs

Quick Change Discs help to increase productivity by decreasing the amount of time spent on changing discs. They are specifically designed with quick-change functionality to make disc changing quick and easy. CoreTemp Abrasives offer two kinds of Quick Change Discs: The Cotton Fibre Laminated Disc, which is suitable for light to medium grinding, and the Zirc-Plus Laminated Disc which has double the lifespan of any parallel disc.

Unitized Wheels

Unitized wheels are small wheel abrasion products that are perfect for intricate areas, allowing for precision finishing, joining and deburring.

Wire Brushes

Wire Brushes provide an extremely efficient method for cleaning and finishing. Our wire brushes are long lasting and maintain a high productivity design.

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