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Nylon Insert Locknuts

Nylon Insert Locknuts

If you’re looking for a threaded fastener that will resist loosening, then nylon insert locknuts are the best solution for your project. Used for industrial purposes or in the Aerospace industry, nylon insert locknuts, also known as elastic stop nuts or nyloc nuts, are reliable and durable. We offer a wide range of nylon locknuts; browse our complete listings below. 

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Nylon Insert Locknut Advantages

Nyloc nuts are manufactured with a small nylon ring within the metal outside of the locknut. This action allows the mating threads to be squeezed when the nut is tightened, creating a prevailing torque. The added nylon creates a gas and moisture seal, which can be helpful in specific applications. Standard and metric nylon insert locknuts are available in bulk quantities to satisfy any size job. Nyloc nut benefits include:

·         Effectively seals against gas and moisture

·         Enhanced gripping action

·         Will not loosen due to friction between the locknut and threads

·         Increased vibration control

·         Less prone to leaking

Nylon Locknut Material & Grade Options

Nylon insert locknuts are available in several grades and materials in both standard and metric bulk options. Nylon locknut materials in the following grade options:

Grade A

·         Zinc Cr+3

·         Zinc Yellow

·         J500

Grade C

·         Plain

·         Ne, Phosphate & Oil

·         Ne, Zinc Yellow

Metric Class 8

·         Zinc, Cr+3

·         Zinc, Yellow

Metric Class 10

·         Zinc, Cr+3

Bulk Nylon Insert Locknuts

At Fastener Solutions, our standard and metric elastic stop nuts are available in bulk quantities to support any size project. Let us know the bulk nylon locknut quantity you need, and we’ll have you covered.

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