B7 Studs

B7 Studs


B7 studs are made of a carbon steel that is classified as an alloy steel. They contain cobalt, columbium, boron, aluminum, molybdenum, nickel, titanium, vanadium and zirconium. 

B7 studs are heat treated alloy steel studs and are used for high-pressure and high-heat operations. B7 studs are used as stud and anchor bolts in construction projects. If you are looking for B7 Studs for your next project contact Fastener Solutions today at 866-463-2910 or Shop online below!


B7 STUD (END TO END), A193 / SA 193, PLAIN (INCH) B7 STUD (END TO END), A193 / SA 193, ZINC CR+3 (INCH)

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